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*Selected Interviews of Stephen Gill

These interviews focus on Gillís art of writing, philosophy ofworld peace and personal life to some extent. To read interviews, please click here:


*Comparative Studies


*Poems dedicated to Stephen Gill





1. Glimpses (A selection of published articles). Ed. Hamadan Darwesh, updated Fall 2005

Vesta (Canada), 7.50 x11 inch.285 + pages.To read Glimpses,please click on contents

Released by Vesta Publications, Canada, PB, ISBN: 0-919301-38-X


2. Stephen Gill and his works ( an evaluation) by George Hines, M.A., Ph.D. Engl. Lit. Foreword by John Robbins, M.A. Ph.D., former ambassador to the Vatican and President of Brandon University..Hines evaluates Gillís work To read some chapters, please click on contents

Released by AuthorsPress,India, 2008, PB.,ISBN: 978-81-7273-437-4


3. Discovering Stephen Gill ( a collection of non-published articles and research paper).

Editor: Dr. Nilanshu Kumar Agarwal ..

To read this book, please click on contents

Released by Authors press, New Delhi, India, September 2008, HC, ISBN: 978-81-7273-469-5


4. The Poetic Corpus of Stephen Gill: An Evaluation by Dr. Sudhir Arora.. To read some chapters, please click on contents

Released by Sarup & Sons,India , 2009, HC., 243 pages, ISBN: 978-81-7625-953-8


5. The Flame Unmasked ( a collection of non-published research paper). Ed. Dr. Sudhir Arora.

Top scholars from India have contributed.†† To read some chapters, please Click oncontents

Released by Prakash Books, India,Jan. 2010, PB, ISBN: 978-81-7977-357-4, 2010


(6). Stephen Gillís Poetry: A Panorama of World Peace. Chief Editor: Prof. K.V. Dominic, Editor, Indian Journal

of Postcolonial Literatures. Prof. K.V. Dominic is a prominent poet and literary critic. He teaches English

literature at Newman College in Kerala, India.

Released by Gnosis Publishers, New Delhi, India, ISBN: 978-81-89012-83-5, HC, 2010


(7). Essays on the Poetry of Stephen Gill. Chief Editor:Dr. Shaleen Singh, a poet, editor and literary critic. Summer 2010. Dr. Shaleen Singh edits Creative Saplings (

To read some chapters, please click on contents

Released by Adhyayan Publishers (New Delhi, India) Hc, ISBN: 978-818435-119-4, 2010


(8) An Interpretation ofthe Mind and Art of Stephen Gill. Chief Editor: Dr.Anuradha Sharma. Released by Sanbun

Publishers, India. 2011, ISBN: 978-93-80213-50-7

Award-winning authorDr. Anuradha Sharma is an assistant professor of English at a college in Gujarat, India. She is a prominent literary critic and poet.



(9.) A Selection of Stephen Gill's Interviews. Ed. Dr. Anuradha Sharma. Orientalia, A-4, B-49 Joshi Colony, Patparganj- delhi- 110092; ISBN; 978-81-908864-8-2,


(10.) War and Peace in the Works of Stephen Gill. Eds. Professor Dr. NDR Chandra and Dr. A.K. Choudhary. Pointer Publishers, Jaipur,India. HC., Price Rupees 500, ISBN: 978-81-7132-760-7

Professor NDR Chandrais Vice Chancellor of Bastar University, EditsJournal of Literature and is an established literary critic. Co-editor Dr. A.K. Choudhary edits The Kohinoor and has authored several collections of poems.





X. Finding Stephen Gill in the West. ( A collection of research papers, interviews and book reviews from the West.) Ed. Professor Dr. I.D. Tiwari, Dean Faculty of Arts, andHead, Department of English, IKS Univesity, Chhattisgarh, India. Professor Tiwari has authored books and edited scholarly journals.

X. Dr. Olimpia Iacob is editing a book on The Coexistence, a novel, by Stephen Gill. The material would betranslated into Romanian language, and published in a book in Europe. Material ofRomanian language will be translated into Englishand its English edition will be published separately by a respectable publisher in Canada or India.††

Dr. Olimpia Iacobis an Associate Professor with the Department of Modern Languages at Vasile Goldiş West University of Arad, Romania.

X. Dr. Shobha Diwakar is editing a collection of research papers for an anthology on Stephen Gillís perception of a peaceful future. ††Dr Shobha Diwakar has served for years as Head of the Dept of English at C.P.Mahila Mahavidhyalaya in Jabalpur and also as a Guest Lecturer at Rani Durgavati Vishvavidhyala, where she took also M.Phil classes & supervised 11 M.Phil theses.She has published several research papers in prominent journals & books. Her poems have also been published in leading magazines and journals

X.A Portrait of Stephen Gill (Autobiographical & Biographical Sources).

To read articles, please click on here



---COEXISTENCE, The (novel): papers, articles and moreÖ


---AMPUTEE ( a long poem about an abused child) : papers, articles and moreÖ




--Aman ka jazeera aur Stephen Gill (Island of peace and Stephen Gill) by Veshali Chandra, Jazeera,

2007, Vesta (Canada).


--Khwaesh ek kalm ki: Aman aur chen (The desire of a pen: Peace and prosperity) by Shikha. Jazeera,

2007, Vesta (Canada).


--Jazeera nezmon pr ek drishti ( a survey of Jazeera) by Devyani Gupta.

2007, Vesta (Canada).





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